Better SEO without blowing the budget.

SEO doesn’t sleep. Let us navigate search engine algorithms and ever-changing policy updates so you (or your team) don’t have to.

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Managed SEO.

SEO is essential for growing your site traffic, sales pipeline, and overall revenue. Maybe you’re a new start-up with limited capital or an enterprise seeking a deeper level of marketing engagement. You know you need better SEO, but hiring a team of writers, editors, and specialists stretches resources thin. Our managed SEO service acts as an extension of your existing team, focused on getting actual results.

Spacebar Collective operates with a holistic approach to SEO—optimizing your website for users and search engines. Whether you need link-building, content planning and production, optimizations on existing content, or publishing, we work collaboratively with you to develop an effective SEO strategy that sets you up for sustainable gains.

What to expect.

We’ll kick off with a discovery call where we’ll learn your high-priority keywords. We’ll be able to nail down the pace of link building you need to stay competitive by analyzing SERPs and identifying the main competitors.

Research + outreach.
Backlink building begins with an initial research phase to identify relevant publications and websites that are most likely to feature your business. Next, we launch a cold email outreach campaign to build relationships with website admins to secure contextually-relevant link placements.

Content production.
Once we have placements, we assign blog production to writers and editors experienced in that niche. Aside from delivering content people actually want to read, we make sure your content has the proper formatting, internal and external links, metas, and everything it needs to perform its best. Niche edits. Niche edits are another effective link-building technique used to improve your rankings for specific keywords. These backlinks are edited into existing content that already ranks on search engines rather than being inserted into new content, like in guest post placements. Both are effective tactics, but we find guest posting to be the more consistent contributor to strong link velocity.

The estimated turnaround time on all orders is 4 weeks, depending on publishers’ responsiveness and scheduling.


includes 5 blogs or backlinks per month $2,500 Order now.

Scaling Up

includes 10 blogs or backlinks per month $5,000 Order now.

Fast Track

includes 30 blogs or backlinks per month $10,000 Order now.


Frequently asked questions.

  • What are managed SEO services?

    Managed SEO services are comprehensive packages encompassing all things SEO, done for you by our team of experts.

  • What’s included in Spacebar Collective’s managed SEO services?

    Managed SEO services start with a complete audit of your existing SEO efforts. We begin with a technical SEO audit to ensure you have a solid foundation for ranking. Then we do a content audit to identify opportunities and complete a 6 month content plan, including keyword research and competitor analysis.

    From here, our efforts focus on blog content production and backlink building. Blogging widens the net of total keywords you can rank for, while backlinks help improve your rankings for those keywords.

  • How long does it take to see results from SEO?

    SEO results depend entirely on your starting point, goals, and the competitive landscape in your niche. As a rule of thumb, you can see incremental results within 3-6 months of service. Significant results with SEO take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

  • Do you guarantee a #1 ranking for my keywords?

    Guaranteeing rankings isn’t something we do, nor is it something any ethical SEO agency will offer.

    SEO performance depends on many factors, many of which are beyond our control. For example, SEO rankings can be influenced by competitor activity. If we outrank your competitors and they take notice, they might put together their own SEO efforts to take back their rankings.

  • How is SEO performance measured?

    We use a combination of Google Search Console and Ahrefs to track SEO performance. While the ultimate goal of our SEO efforts is to increase conversions in the long run, there are key metrics we monitor to gauge progress, including total impressions, total clicks, and keyword rankings.