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With 10+ years of expertise in SEO and content strategy across a wide range of verticals and regions, Spacebar Collective is your trusted partner for maximizing growth opportunities and creating successful digital experiences.

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Our vision.

At Spacebar, our mission is clear—make SEO more meaningful, impactful, and understandable for our clients. Our commitment to our partnerships is rooted in radical transparency. We offer our clients a fully collaborative partnership with detailed reports and complete access to what we’re working on. More control for you means our results are always aligned with your objectives.

Our focus.


The tools of the trade. We work with SaaS companies to engage and inform their audience to drive new signups.


Content for marketers by marketers who truly understand the nuances of this dynamic industry.

Home services.

From housekeeping to roofing contractors, we help our clients gain local visibility and generate more leads.

Real estate.

Location, location, location. We help realtors rank higher with regionally targeted publications.


Digestible content aimed at food geeks, home cooks, nomads, expats, and armchair travelers.


We help lifestyle brands connect with their audience by providing niche content that speaks to their values.


If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense—expert insights on everything from insurance to investing.

And more...

We’re continually expanding and looking for new partners in emerging niches.

Our method.

Backlink building.

Backlink building is crucial in achieving fast results in SEO. We only build backlinks from vetted websites, so you can achieve higher rankings without risking penalties. Our team focuses on building a secure search presence for businesses by using contextually relevant links from trusted sources. Enim veniam, quis nostrud.

Content production.

Whether you have a blog and are looking to increase your publishing velocity or you need a blog to help drive traffic to your new website, you will need to consistently publish fresh content if you want to rank. Our content production services lay the groundwork for your SEO success by creating content that finds your audience, brings them to your site, and keeps them engaged with your brand.

Managed SEO.

Spacebar Collective’s managed SEO service is an extension of your existing team, focused on getting actual results. Whether you need link-building, content planning and production, optimizations on existing content, or publishing, we work collaboratively with you to develop an effective SEO strategy that sets you up for sustainable traffic gains.

White label partnership.

By teaming up with Spacebar Collective, you can deliver superior SEO to your customers while maintaining total autonomy. Our white-label SEO services are engineered to meet the individual needs of digital marketing agencies, design firms, and businesses of all sizes wishing to offer SEO as a service to their existing client base.

Our Clients.

Our Team.

Amanda Laine Founder
Chris Tweten Founder
Keith Desphy Keith Desphy SaaS SEO Specialist
Grant Robertson Grant Robertson SEO Specialist
Cath Isabedra Cath Isabadera Editor
Rumaisa Viqas Rumaisa Viqas SEO Writer