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Content production undoubtedly fuels the SEO performance machine. Simply put, you can’t rank for keywords you don’t produce content for.

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Whether you already have a blog and are looking to increase your publishing velocity or need a blog to help drive traffic to your new website, you need to publish fresh content consistently if you want to rank. Our content production services lay the groundwork for your SEO campaign by creating content that finds your audience, brings them to your page, and keeps them engaged with your brand.

It’s time to secure your SEO success from the start by constructing topical authority that elicits trust at all stages of your funnel.

What to expect.

We’ll kick off with a discovery call where we’ll learn your high-priority keywords. We’ll be able to nail down the pace of link building you need to stay competitive by analyzing SERPs and identifying the main competitors.

Research + outreach.
Backlink building begins with an initial research phase to identify relevant publications and websites that are most likely to feature your business. Next, we launch a cold email outreach campaign to build relationships with website admins to secure contextually-relevant link placements.

Content production.
Once we have placements, we assign blog production to writers and editors experienced in that niche. Aside from delivering content people actually want to read, we make sure your content has the proper formatting, internal and external links, metas, and everything it needs to perform its best.

Niche edits.
Niche edits are another effective link-building technique used to improve your rankings for specific keywords. These backlinks are edited into existing content that already ranks on search engines rather than being inserted into new content, like in guest post placements. Both are effective tactics, but we find guest posting to be the more consistent contributor to strong link velocity.

The estimated turnaround time on all orders is 4 weeks, depending on publishers’ responsiveness and scheduling.

Starter Pack

5 blogs - 1,000 words each for $1,500 Order now.

Traffic Booster

10 blogs - 1,000 words each for $3,000 Order now.

Topical Authority

30 blogs - 1,000 words each for $9,000 Order now.


Frequently asked questions.

  • Why is blog content production important for SEO?

    Producing new blog content widens the net of total keywords that your website can rank for. Blog content is also a great entry point for new readers to be introduced to your brand.

  • How many blogs do I need before Google considers me an authority?

    Google finds it difficult to consider a website a topical authority of a subject if it has less than 30 pages. We recommend this as a minimum—building a base library of 30 blogs is a great foundation for future SEO efforts.

  • How long does it take to see results from SEO?

    SEO results depend entirely on your starting point, goals, and the competitive landscape in your niche. As a rule of thumb, you can see incremental results within 3-6 months of service. Significant results with SEO take anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

  • Who owns the rights to the content published on my site?

    You own everything we produce for your website, even if it’s published under one of our author profiles. Once you’ve paid for content production, you legally own the rights to the content 100%.

  • Can I just get AI to my blog content?

    While AI can write grammatically correct content, it is often factually incorrect and requires considerable editing by a human before publishing. It’s important to remember that AI is a tool, not a solution, and should not be used as a replacement for human writers.

  • What is the average turnaround time for new blog content?

    We work on a monthly deliverable schedule, meaning you’ll get your new blog content at the end of each month at the latest. If you want a rush to put on content, we can prioritize your content for an additional fee.