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Why Thin Content Can Hurt Your Chances of Ranking

Thin Content And SEO: A Brief History Two major components of excellent SEO-driven content are relevance and authority. Your site will earn considerable traffic from providing relevant content that is genuinely helpful to your target audience. It wasn’t until 2011 with Google’s Panda algorithm update that high-quality, high-relevant content became a major ranking factor. This […]

Chris Tweten 20 Mar 2022 • 5 MIN READ

Scheduling Google My Business Posts And Other GMB Tricks

Do you want to use Google My Business (Google Maps) to boost your monthly sales and revenue? Or are you already taking advantage of this free service? How do you schedule Google My Business Posts? You can use Google My Business to share your products and services like any social media site. You can use […]

Amanda Laine 8 Mar 2022 • 6 MIN READ

A Pre-Covid Travel SEO Case Study: Bodega Hostels goes 0 to $38,500 in 17 Months

SpaceCase File #1: Travel SEO earned ~$38,500 (about 1.2 million Thai baht) in direct website revenue. From over 700 page 1 keywords. In 17 months. With savvy keyword research and a small team of copywriters. Before we hop into things, I have a few important points to keep in mind. This travel SEO case […]

Chris Tweten 21 Feb 2022 • 10 MIN READ