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Chris Tweten4 Jun 2024 • 2 MIN READ

Learn how Spacebar Collective grew Publer’s traffic by over 1500x by focusing on increasing content velocity.

  • 1500x organic search traffic growth
  • 300,000+ Words Written
  • 300+ Blogs Produced
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Ervin Kalemi, CEO at

Company Background

Publer is a social media management platform that allows you to schedule social media posts across all popular platforms.

The Problem

Publer’s existing library of blog content was too low quality to rank better than established competitors like Hootsuite and Buffer. The other struggle that Publer was facing was low content velocity, where they couldn’t produce content at a fast enough rate to catch up to competitors.

What We Did

Our two primary goals for Publer were to improve content quality and increase content velocity.

We achieved this by developing internal documentation and processes that allowed their in-house team to reach our standards for content quality and for content to be produced at a quicker rate.

There were 3 key documents we created to hit both of these goals:

  1. Blog Formatting Guidelines (to improve content quality and build consistency)
  2. Technical Writing Guidelines (to improve on-page SEO)
  3. Content Brief Template (to improve content quality and satisfy search intent)

These would be used by both Publer’s staff and Spacebar’s writing team. Although our team would tackle the bulk of content produced for the Publer blog, they also retained some of their internal marketing staff. We would advise on overall content strategy, guide them through our processes and come out with a content quality standard much higher than their original output.

The Content Brief Template would tick many boxes, allowing both our writers and Publer’s to have strong on-page SEO and to be more thorough.

From here, we went to work on Publer’s blog content strategy.

Publer’s blog covers all things social media, from marketing strategy to platform-specific tutorials.

We started our keyword research by analysing key competitors to see what content of theirs is bringing in the most traffic, what content could be improved upon and what content could be easily disrupted. Prioritising which pages should be published was a balancing act between finding quick wins and aiming for longshot, more difficult keywords.

From here, we use our Content Brief Template to create thorough content briefs, where writers can appear to be subject matter experts even if they’re not familiar with the topic they’re writing about. Some things we like to include in content briefs include:

  • Keywords to Include
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Suggested Header Sections
  • Required Reading (Source Material)

Once a writer completes a draft using their content brief, it moves on to the next set of hands: the editor. Spacebar’s editing team did a final pass on every piece of content written by both Publer’s staff and our internal team.


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