PixelCut.ai Case Study

Chris Tweten4 Jun 2024 • 3 MIN READ


Learn how Spacebar Collective grew PixelCut’s traffic by over 5x in less than 5 months by focusing on backlink velocity.

  • Improved Average Ranking Position 62 to 8
  • Grew Monthly Search Traffic 5k to 1.44M
  • 300+ High Quality Backlinks Built
PixelCut testimonial

Dominique Yahyavi, CEO of PixelCut

Company Background

PixelCut is a suite of AI-powered photo editing tools that make it easy to create product photos, ads and more for your eCommerce store.


PixelCut is in a highly competitive niche, where competitor websites not only have strong existing backlink profiles but are also actively building lots of backlinks.

Although PixelCut has an excellent product that’s more user-friendly and more powerful than many of the alternatives in the space, the website started with a weak backlink profile and low topical authority. There were only 35 pages on the site at the start of the campaign, 4 of which were landing pages for the tools in the suite:

  • Background Remover
  • Image Upscaler
  • Magic Eraser
  • AI Product Photos

Many competitors were also building backlinks en masse from websites that aren’t reputable, a case of low quality backlinks empowering rankings. While this may work for some, it was not a risk PixelCut was willing to take on for themselves.

What We Did

At first, we started building out guest blog outreach campaigns to design and photography blogs but were swiftly met with the realisation that these types of websites were charging absurd amounts for features on their websites. Since this wasn’t a cost-effective solution for PixelCut, we went back to square one: brainstorming types of blogs that could feature their photo-editing tools.

We took a two-pronged approach from here:

  1. Researching competitor backlink profiles then categorising the sites they earn backlinks from
  2. Keyword research on what kinds of websites feature blog content about photography but aren’t solely focused on photography

We were able to identify clear targets for guest blogging that could feature specific tools with links to landing pages. Our initial targets would tackle eCommerce and marketing blogs covering the following topics:

  • Social Proof (Image Upscaler, Magic Eraser, Background Remover)
  • Influencer Marketing (Image Upscaler, Magic Eraser, Background Remover)
  • User Generated Content (Image Upscaler, Background Remover)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (AI Product Photos)

These outreach campaigns have been highly successful and we run variations of them to this date since they still convert well.

Over time, PixelCut increased their budget for backlinks — scaling from 12 backlinks per month up to 60 backlinks per month.

To further widen the net of types of blogs we’re able to build backlinks from, we went back to brainstorming new guest blog campaigns. This time around, we aligned new outreach campaigns with content we produced for PixelCut’s blog.

After each photography niche we wrote about on their blog, we were able to launch brand new backlink campaigns. For example, after writing about real estate photography, we reached out to real estate websites writing guides to improve curb appeal and how to take better listing photos.

  • Real Estate Photography → Real Estate and Architecture Blogs
  • Fashion Photography → Fashion and Style Blogs
  • Product Photography → eCommerce and Business Blogs


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